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Learning Animate and Inanimate nature through experiments

Project description: Starting points - present situation -WHY? Since time man tries to learn from nature that surrounds him, affects him, accepts it and is dependent on it. First scientific "research" of people comes after their birth. The child perceives heat, cold, silence, noise, light, darkness, the smell, begin to observe their surroundings. Later perceives movement, describes the surrounding objects and recognizes their properties. The child must be offered by incentives for actively and purposefully personal development since preschool. Now is a trend that children no longer want to study natural sciences and technology. Cause we see the unattractive teaching, without any continuity with a normal life, without clarifying explained effect on what children know during his surroundings and life. Experiments have completely disappeared from schools, teachers excuses for the lack of suitable devices for fear of conducting trials on legislative obstacles. So are attempts in most cases replaced their audiovisual performances. Chemical, physical and biological sciences are explained without continuity to children known phenomena, without clarifying benefits for their everyday life. HOW we can help, WHO can help?

We would like:

  • 1. Return the children interested in the world and what is going on inside (chemistry, physics, biology, ecology), encourage them to research, experience of reality by engaging more senses - through our interactive workshops and learning experience - pilot projects - presentation for children in their language.
  • 2. To help teachers make teaching more interesting - through our simple "portable laboratory" and seminars with experiments and teaching methods explanation.
  • 3. We can also put together time of parents and children - through games with experiments.

Project outputs: Audio / video production (CD/DVD), Exhibition, Performance, Publication, Website, Workshop & training

Our project has 3 main significant impact:

  • on the way of preparing and education of teachers from kindergarten and elementary schools in V4 countries,
  • on the way for children education in V4 countries,
  • on networking activities between teachers in preschools and schools in V4

Regional cooperation can help with the creation of new interesting experiments - in accordance with curriculums in Kindergarten and Elementary schools in V4. Common added value of the project is the exchange of various views and approaches to the presenting of natural sciences on innovative way. Outputs created during the project give us the chance to present good practise from one country to other countries, to provide "package" for natural sciences education to various institutions and schools.